Our goal is to be one of the top appliance repair companies in Carrollton Georgia. Did you know our city population is now over 25,000? With a growing population and more people moving to Carrollton, appliance repair services will be needed more. We moved from Augusta to be in the growing city of Carrollton and with 10 years of experience we plan on being the number one company.

With that in mind, we hope we can help give you appliance repair tips. Many phone calls we receive are people asking questions. We don’t mind the questions but simple questions can be answered here. This will help free up our already busy schedule. Sometimes our customers don’t want to deal with fixing their own broken appliance, which is why they call us. But for those of you who many have a broken dishwasher or refrigerator and want to try fixing it yourself, go ahead.

If you have questions or have specific repair tips you want to know about, please contact us so we can start posting them here.